Video: Father’s Ashes Mishandled By The Post Office

CAMERON PARK (CBS13) – A Cameron Park woman says the post office lost her father’s ashes. Legally, that’s the only way you can ship them. But how they handled the remains was beyond belief for Candace Brooks.

After Brooks’ father, Jessie Cotton, passed away, no one could tell her what happened to the Korean War vet’s ashes.

Cotton’s remains were shipped from a Florida funeral home to California through the United States Post Service Priority Mail, which is the only legal way to ship cremated remains.

But Cotton’s remains got lost somewhere along the way.

The last scan from USPS was in Jacksonville, Florida. Brooks says the postal service had no answers but offered to refund the cost of shipping.

Brooks said, “I couldn’t even believe they said that to me.” “Just find my dad.”

USPS launched a nationwide search, and the ashes turned up at a mail recovery center in Atlanta.

USPS spokesperson Candace Cheathon said the issue, “It was an illegible address.”

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