Postal or Federal Employee Pay

Postal or Federal Employee Pay

March 31, 2010
by Rick Owens
Postal Employee Network

Postal or Federal Employee Pay and Benefits – Just Who Is Paid the Most?


Time and time again postal employees continually read that postal employee pay and benefits are just too high – critics always like to point out that 80% of USPS costs is labor.

Just today Newsweek states “Perhaps the biggest failure of the five-day delivery plan is that it ignores 80 percent of the Postal Service’s costs: labor. Postmaster Potter has made headway in reducing work hours and the costs of benefits and pensions, but the average postal employee still makes $83,000 in salary and benefits a year, placing postal workers among the highest-paid government employees.”

We, as postal employees, get sick and tired of hearing this same broken record over and over. We try to point out to these people that USPS is a service company – we ARE NOT a retail, manufacturing, or banking entity – we are a SERVICE COMPANY. As a service company, providing the most extensive service in this nation, our employee base MUST be large and subsequently compose the vast majority of costs for USPS. Please – tell us how else could this service exist without a work compliment in place to carry out the service?

Now, on to salaries and benefits. On March 8, 2010 USA Today wrote the following:

“Federal employees earn higher average salaries than private-sector workers in more than eight out of 10 occupations, a USA TODAY analysis of federal data finds.

Overall, federal workers earned an average salary of $67,691 in 2008 for occupations that exist both in government and the private sector, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

These salary figures do not include the value of health, pension and other benefits, which averaged $40,785 per federal employee in 2008.”

Please review this chart composed by USA Today – Federal salaries compared to private-sector

Don’t forget that the salaries listed in USA Today’s chart DOES NOT include an average $40, 785 in benefits for each FEDERAL employee…not postal employee. states:

“Average annual salary for full-time federal government jobs now exceeds $79,197. The U.S. Government is the largest employer in the United States, hiring about 2.0 percent of the nation’s work force and the workforce is expanding significantly under the Obama administration. Federal government jobs can be found in every state and large metropolitan area, including overseas in over 200 countries. The average annual federal workers compensation in 2008, including pay plus benefits, was $119,982 compared to just $59,909 for the private sector according to the United States Bureau of Economic Analysis.”

Yes, with benefits postal employee salaries may hover around $83,000 per year, but we contend that they ARE NOT overpaid and their benefits ARE NOT out of line with other federal employees and peer industry employees.

Your comments and opinion are solicited.

Rick Owens
Postal Employee Network

54 Responses to "Postal or Federal Employee Pay"

  1. John W. Shreve   March 27, 2013 at 11:34 pm


    I’ve been with the Postal Service since 1970. You are an embarrassment. Did you grow up speaking English? Your grammar is atrocious.
    I know there are areas of the country where the education level is extremely low and people like you abound.
    Please never tell anyone again that you work for the USPS.
    Obama supports 5-day and will raid the retirement fund at the first opportunity.

  2. Sherylann   October 26, 2013 at 10:05 pm

    Postal vs Federal pay:

    Postal Management has been on wage freeze for three years – No wage increase, No Cola eligibility, No performance awards – No increase within pay grade – therefore pension frozen if not at maximum end of scale.

    Federal employees – No wage increase; Cola eligibility unknown; Performance awards – Yes not frozen; Increase within pay grade – yes not frozen; therefore pension not frozen if not at maximum end of scale.

  3. Robert Taylor   July 1, 2014 at 3:44 pm

    The problem is not the postal employees, it is the federal system, in general. The USPS is a long standing symbol of why our country had surpassed all other countries in the 20th century. Though I am not a postal employee, I support the organizations presence in our country. Now, I do feel that the postal employees make way too much money, on average, along with 95% of federal employees. Especially, considering that the postal service is supposed to be a capitalistic enterprise, but requires federal investment every year. Management is responsible for this and the USPS would have been gone without federal investment.

  4. Gary makowiecki   September 28, 2017 at 10:16 am

    Recently having my mailbox Community box broken into I have to travel to the post office to get my mail upon receiving my mail I went through it to disregard to mail to flexible all to me the lady who is dealing with me asked me to step aside I couldn’t stand her and go to my mail I had to get out of line after standing in line for over 10 minutes I’m a senior citizen with disabilities the man next to her behind the counter spoke up and told me I was being disrespectful and I told him it was none of his business of what I was doing that mail did not belong to me and I was not taking it the same as I thought the postal person who delivered by mail my name is on the box no one else’s name maybe my address but not my name and I try to tell the other gentleman the same thing until he got rude with me I think these people with job security that the post office has needs to retrain her people to learn how to talk to them I was spoken to in a meeting Manor by this guy who told me I know where you live bro that sounds like a threat to me I was just like to explain my frustrations that I go to having to go to the post office instead of walking across the street to my mailbox it’s been over 3 weeks the boxes been broke I live in Las Vegas Nevada and it seems to be a thing going around her Valley but they cannot keep up with fixing these boxes and I don’t need to go down to the office and get disrespected the way I did9

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