Video: ‘We are not stealing your packages’ – Utah ‘Amazon Flex’ driver speaks on harassment

SALT LAKE CITY — A new program along the Wasatch Front is changing the way residents receive package deliveries at home.

Amazon Flex allows private, independent contract drivers to deliver packages to customers. It just started up operations in Salt Lake City in the past month, drivers told Fox 13.

But some independent contractors are saying it’s led to unsettling experiences between drivers and customers.

On Monday afternoon, Kelline Jones delivered more than 20 packages to various homes around Bountiful.

“I was just sitting there when this route came available, so I thought I’d take it,” she said.

When drivers pick up routes, Jones said they’ll show up to the warehouse in West Valley City, grab a bunch of packages to put in their car, then take off on a delivery route pre-determined by Amazon.

During deliveries, Jones usually walks up to a home with the package, takes a picture required by Amazon to show the package was delivered, then takes off.

Most of the time no one answered the door on Monday, but sometimes people were home.

Customers looked surprised to see Jones with their package.

“People aren’t sure what we’re doing, why we’re there,” she said.

Jones explained to a woman that she delivers for Amazon Flex.

“A lot of people don’t know that we’re delivering,” she said, to the customer.

“Oh okay– real people,” the woman replied.

“Real people,” Jones said, with a laugh. Read more at Fox 13 Salt Lake City

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