Video: Mailman by day, heavy metal vocalist by night

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  1. Short Timer   January 25, 2016 at 4:51 pm

    Hey Mike –

    You rock, sir. I am a letter carrier myself and at 55 I’ve been at it 31+ years, and play guitar and compose computer synthesizer music through the garageband app. I love metal, and I’m listening to Baroness’ new album “Purple” right now – it’s great. I’ve always loved music and never lost my love for all things heavy while my taste does take me to Lonnie Johnson, Duke Ellington, Charlie Christian, Muddy Waters, Kenny Burrell and other great in addition to rock and metal. I regret not playing guitar for a while because there’s nobody around to jam with and frankly I’m worn out most nights, but I do like writing computer music that goes from jazzy stuff to mellow trippy to outright weird and industrial.
    I hope to market my work when I retire at years’ end. The management needs to understand we carriers and clerks are a talented diverse bunch, not just a bunch of numbers to be used and then discarded. I hope your band is successful.

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