Video: Postal Worker Shot At After Startling Would-Be Burglars

MIAMI (CBS Miami) – A postal worker was shot at on the job after startling would-be burglars at a Kendall home.

It all began around 11 a.m. when the mailman was on his route.

“He delivered mail to this residence where he heard the alarm go off but didn’t really think much of it. Sometimes these things happen,” said U.S. Postal Inspector Ivan Rodriguez.

While driving away, investigators said he saw a couple of hooded men jump over a fence and into a car and take off. Coincidentally, they were all going the same way. That’s when he suddenly became the target of fleeing crooks.

“At that moment when realized what he also witnessed, the passenger extended half of his body outside the vehicle, turned around and took a shot at him,” said Rodriguez.

Fortunately, that letter carrier was not hit. Police believe the crooks thought he may have been going after them.

“This was coincidentally that fact that he happened to be right behind him, so they’re thinking they got spooked, we’re being followed,” said Rodriguez. Read more from CBS Miami

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