Video Captures Mail Carrier Running Over Trash Bins

LEXINGTON, KY (Lex 18) – A 12 second video of a postal worker is providing a lot of answers for some Lexington homeowners wondering why their trash cans are sometimes tipped over in the street.

In west Lexington, off Stallion Run, trash day doesn’t always go as smoothly as Sivi Wills would like.

“I came in today and saw that my trash can was blown over and thought maybe it was the wind,” She said.

Face down and wheels up, her herbie is rarely on the curb.

“Not only my trash can, I’ve seen others in the cul de sac,” Wills said.

On Thursday, thanks to one neighbor, Wills and many others believed they had an answer. It’s not the weather or sanitation workers. Video caught by a neighbor showed the mail carrier driving through the bins. Read more

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