June 22, 2014 –

I’m Jay Galione, a filmmaker and the son of a postal worker. I’m excited to share this trailer and fundraising effort with PEN readers and the postal worker community. My feature length directorial debut, Gone Postal, tells the personal story of my father, a postal clerk of 30 years, along with other workers who are harassed, threatened, and fired for standing up for themselves and their fellow employees. After embarking on a journey to interview workers and experts across the country, it became clear there is a problematic and dysfunctional culture within the Post Office that needs to be exposed. You know the story I’m telling in this film because you live it. GONE-POSTAL-DOCUMENTARY

As I continued gathering these stories with fellow filmmaker Sheila Dvorak, the very existence of the Post Office became threatened, and a fight to Save the People’s Post Office emerged. We need a broader movement with public support to change the tide that’s destroying the Service. By releasing this film we’re going to make people pay attention. Right now most Americans have no idea what is plaguing the USPS. It’s time to overcome the conventional story that the Internet is killing the Post Office.

With leadership from workers, we can re-invent the Postal Service for the 21st Century. In the age of email and digital communication, why isn’t there a computer in every post office available to members of the community? The Constitution mandates the Post Office to “bind the nation together,” and there are opportunities to innovate and expand services, making the Post Office a more vital institution that can serve all of us. The truth is the large telecommunications giants don’t want there to be a PUBLIC service that threatens their profits.

The USPS has been privatizing, downsizing, and eliminating the jobs of hundreds of thousands of workers. If you haven’t been excessed yourself, you probably know someone who has. The managers at the top want to get rid of jobs protected by unions that pay a living wage and benefits, and replace them with “temporary” workers who come back year after year, but don’t get health insurance, and are paid low wages. In a time when many Americans are working 2 part-time jobs just to stay afloat, we cannot allow the Postal Service to be dismantled, hurting middle class families and jeopardizing our ability to communicate.

The USPS is the cheapest and most reliable Post in the world and we need to protect it. You deliver 40% of the world’s mail! The only way to reclaim our historic and public communication service is to educate, motivate, and inspire the American people. We must defend what’s ours before it’s gone. That’s why we need to release this film now!

Our goal of $50,000 will allow us to finish Gone Postal.  This story cannot be told without viewer support. By becoming a supporter, you’re saying, “I want this film to be made.”  We are counting on everyone that values the Post Office and postal workers in their community to come together and help us reach our goal.  You can also assist us in getting the word out. Tell EVERYONE and ANYONE about this movie and our fundraising campaign.  Share this story on Facebook, Twitter, Email, or write someone special a letter or postcard asking them to pitch in.

With the power of a half-million postal workers on our side, anything is possible!

In Solidarity,

Jay Galione
Director, Gone Postal

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