More Than One Thousand 6-Hour Postmaster Vacancies Posted from March 5-20, 2013

First Round Consideration Limited to All EAS Career Postmasters

More than 1,000 career 6-Hour Postmaster vacancies have been posted, with first consideration being given to all career EAS postmasters, including A-E (EPM 51-55) postmasters.

The initial posting period for these offices will be from March 5-20, 2013. Afterwards, remaining vacancies will be posted to all career EAS employees District-wide or Area-wide (noncompetitive requests from career EAS employees can also be considered.) The next phase of postings will include District-wide career bargaining unit employees and PMRs after the previous eligibility for posting these vacancies has been exhausted. Jobs will be awarded by May 4, 2013.

A list of the 6-Hour Postmaster vacancy postings can be found by clicking on the attached;

POStPlan Six-hour Postings

Charlie Moser
March 7, 2013

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