Rightsizing the USPS Network


As part of its ongoing efforts to become a leaner, faster and smarter organization, the Postal Service this summer plans to change the processes involved in closing or consolidating Post Offices and other USPS-operated retail units.

The new regulations, published recently in the Federal Register, expand the criteria — but apply the same procedures — for which a Post Office, station or branch may be closed or consolidated, according to Dean Granholm, vice president, Delivery and Post Office Operations.

While any decision to close a Post Office would not be based solely on economic reasons, the new rules broaden the range of factors considered to include customer demand, office workload and the availability of alternate access to postal products and services within the community.

Granholm says customers already are choosing — and desire — alternatives to visiting a local Post Office. This includes paying for postage online at usps.com, purchasing stamps from ATMs, and visiting more than 63,000 other alternate retail locations where stamps may be purchased.

He also says USPS has to rightsize its network and make good business decisions to remain viable.

Click here to read the USPS notice published March 31 in the Federal Register.

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