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Please make certain to follow all posting rules (listed below):

  • Please do not copy and paste large segments of text or content.
  • Posting at PEN forums via a proxy server is NOT allowed and will result in all of your posts being deleted.
  • No flames: If you disagree with another posters comments that is fine, but please do so politely.
  • Please DO NOT post mutual transfer requests or any transfer requests at our forums - they will be deleted.
  • Links posted to 'FOR PROFIT' sites (other businesses) will be deleted unless the business is a PEN advertiser. Links to NON-PROFIT sites are allowed.
  • As has been true for over 15 years - PEN will not tolerate posts that contain vulgar language in ANY form - rude or insulting posts - and posts that contain derogatory statements that include personal names. The poster will be warned - the post(s) deleted - and possible banning from posting.

Thank you for understanding.
Rick Owens - Owner/Editor

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