On A Postal Note

On A Postal Note The end of the year offers a great moment to share some thoughts from a street level view as this organization navigates full steam ahead in continued economic and political times. Time flies when we are having fun moving the mail. Like a theme park USPS real estate is expensive, the […]

Postal people get out the vote

As we head into the fall mailing season the stakes couldn’t be higher for the U.S. Postal Service at a time when legislators sit on their hands and ignore the postal crisis. You can bet they won’t delay in getting their election correspondence into the U.S. mail stream for direct communication with every home and […]

OpEd – USPS Open Shop Unions

In a September 19, 2011 OIG audit report “management at Postal Service plants were concerned that work rules inhibit their ability to manage effectively. 259 processing and distribution center (P&DC) managers were contacted using a web survey and 152 (59 percent) responded. Of those responses, 118 (78 percent) indicated they “Strongly Agree” or “Agree” that […]

Occupy These USPS Streets

As one motivational speaker said “at the end of life there are those who wish they did, and those that are glad they did.” Down here on Trench Street the “occupy together” hand signals for speaking and feeling are clear. The raised hand signifies “want to talk” and the raised arm with a closed fist […]

USPS Employees are Discounted Everyday

As we get closer to the Postal Service implosion (?) it is also an opportunity to listen to what employees in the trenches have to say about what is going on inside our troubled agency. None of the politicians ever want to hear from the T-shirt wearing people at the bottom of the organization underrepresented […]


PEN received the following today, September 02, 2011. We cannot answer questions regarding this class action – please address your questions to the email address provided. CLASS ACTION CONFERENCE MEETING !!! DATE: September 1, 2011 TO: POSTAL WORKERS NATIONWIDE – ALL CRAFTS FROM: SANDRA SUTTON – Advocate RE: CLASS ACTION ~ POSTAL WORKERS NATIONWIDE ! […]

USPS Politics and You

Open up a newspaper, surf the web, or even check out the daily headlines on Postal Employee Network and you will read about the growing chatter surrounding the state of the U.S. Postal Service. Our business services are under a powerful magnifying lens in Washington, D.C. surrounded by insiders, outsiders, and the general public-at-large. Motivational […]

Postal Employees Keep Pace with Technology

Postal Employees Keep Pace with Technology Inside the U.S. Postal Service we work with doohickeys like the Flat Sequencing System (FSS), Advanced Facer Canceller System (AFCS), Automated Package Processing System (APPS), Automated Airline Assignment (AAA) system, Delivery Bar Code Sorters (DBCS), and hand-held Scanners to minimize amount of time required to process mail and maximize […]

USPS Employee Engagement for the Future

Pick up any newspaper or read online articles to get a reality of the transformation U.S. mail is going through. Our delivery team continues to adapt to a changing information age landscape filled with the convenience of electronic and digital forms of communication. Internet shoppers and home-based businesses need a delivery platform more than ever […]

A Changing U.S. Postal Service Workplace

A Changing U.S. Postal Service Workplace By Ronald Williams for Postal Employee Network There are many unexpected and proposed changes on the plate of the U.S. Postal Service right now. Initiatives to control costs, cut work-hours, match employees with workloads, cut delivery days, declining mail volumes, new technology and more… I recently read an article […]