Postal News For February 2017

February 22, 2017 Former North Carolina Rural Letter Carrier  Pleads Guilty To Detaining And Delaying Mail – PEN Former Rochester Postal Employee Arrested For Stealing Smartphones From The Mail – PEN Video: Mail recovery begins at Winthrop post office destroyed by fire PEN eBay Creates Petition to Keep Postage Prices Low eCommerce Bytes Video: UPS tests out […]

January 2017 Postal News

January 31, 2017 Video: USPS offers up to $50K to identify suspect that robbed and assaulted two Memphis carriers – PEN Video: Woman’s computer held hostage by fake USPS email scam PEN Video: Ditched mail found inside abandoned building in St Louis PEN Acting Attorney General Boente Directs The Dept. Of Justice To Defend President Trump’s […]

December 2016 Postal News

December 31, 2016 Video: Kanas mail carrier tries to save packages from being stolen PEN Video: Mail carrier robbed in NE Baltimore PEN Video: Florida Carrier Caught Driving Onto Customers Lawn and Then Throwing Christmas Package – WTXL Tallahassee High Turnover Called a Drawback to Using USPS Temp Workers Fedweek Texas carrier hospitalized after assault in […]

November 2016 Postal News

November 30, 2016 Video: Seattle package theft season has arrived PEN Video: AZ postal workers watch for potential package thieves PEN Video: Fresno man tries to mail puppies to North Carolina PEN Video: More complaints about mail carriers in Apopka, FL PEN Picture perfect – USPS Employee’s efforts make global news PEN Unions encourage elimination […]

October 2016 Postal News

October 31, 2016 Off Duty Postal Worker Accidentally Hands Out Drugs On Halloween Life Daily OIG: Names (and Prices) They Are a-Changin’ USPS Offers First-Ever Nativity Stamp PEN Thousands of UK postal workers staging walkout Sky News Americans are skittish about drones delivering their packages The Gazette Mailman delivers, keeps family and art close to […]

September 2016 Postal News

September 30, 2016 Video: California Carrier Trips Over Woman Being Kidnapped And Does Nothing – PEN Video: After USPS Raises Suspicions, Large Marijuana Grow In California Busted – PEN USPS Seasonal Hiring – 2016 PEN USPS: North Carolina civil unrest PEN Video: Syringes found in Lowell, MA mail drop box PEN USPS: Point Richmond Station, CA Office […]

August 2016 Postal News

August 31, 2016 PMG Addresses NAPUS and Postmasters At Convention – People More The Mail PEN Video: Colorado mail carrier nearly swept away by flash flood water PEN Video: USPS Message Delivered To Winchester Residents: No Rail, No Mail PEN MVS Continues to Fight Subcontracting PEN APWU: Support Services Division Battles Outsourcing Canada Post and Postal Workers […]

July 2016 Postal News

July 31, 2016 Video Update: Dozens Of Chicago Postal Employees Sickened By Heat At River North Facility – PEN Columbus, GA Fire and EMS trying to figure out how postal truck caught fire – PEN APWU: Three New Signoffs in the Clerk Craft – PEN Postal Service Responds To Calls For Postal Banking – PEN Henry James Is 31st […]