Carla I. LaGreca v. U.S. Postal Service

A PEN reader informed us of this MSPB decision. Apparently the MSPB appellant, LaGreca, was held responsible for errors made by her representative Debby Szeredy. Szeredy is a candidate for APWU Clerk Division Director. In their decision MSPB states: “…to the extent that the appellant cites Szeredy’s agreement with her incorrect interpretation of the filing […]

Postal Commentator Murray Comarow Questions PRC Chairmans Remarks Regarding Five-Day Delivery

From The following is an extraordinary letter to the editor of the New York Times from long-time postal sage Murray Comarow: The Postal Service’s proposal to switch to five-day delivery is complex and controversial. [New York Times article “Sides Form Over Threat to Saturday Mail Service,” 7-6-10] Congress has therefore directed the Postal Regulatory […]

Postal Service Rated Among Best in Diversity

WASHINGTON — The Postal Service has been named one of the 40 Best Companies for Diversity in the July issue of Black Enterprise magazine. The results were based on a survey Black Enterprise sent to the top 1,000 publicly traded U.S. companies and the 50 leading global companies with U.S. operations. The survey focused on […]

Postal Service Gets Break, Union Officials Get Paid, Workers Get Shafted

The following report comes directly from an Office of Inspector General audit that was released July 1, 2010. I think it speaks for itself: “We also found that union representatives received excessive payments from grievance settlements. Union representatives in four districts (Colorado/Wyoming, Alabama, Mid-America, and Capital) were involved with the allocation of class-action grievance settlements […]

Major Mailers Go Ballistic Over Rate Increase

Major Mailers Go Ballistic Over Rate Increase Attempt to Shift the Burden to Postal Employees Burrus Update 10-2010, July 9, 2010 The Postal Service has filed a request to increase postage rates effective Jan. 2, 2011, and is proposing to raise the price of first-class, single-piece letters from 44 cents to 46 cents. Increases for […]

Does Anyone At USPS HQ Listen To What They Are Saying

From PostCom Here’s a quote from a USPS executive published by Logistics Management. It’s a beaut. “We are facing this problem because of a massive drop in mail volume and the fact that the bulk of our costs are fixed by laws, contracts, or regulations. Our operating flexibility is severely limited right now. Our network […]

NALC says fixing pension errors will solve USPS financial woes

Letter carriers union says fixing pension errors will solve USPS’ financial woes – Cutting Saturday delivery and other measures are not long-term solutions WASHINGTON – NALC President Fredric V. Rolando issued the following statement today in response to proposed measures to solve the USPS’ budget deficit, including rate increases and cutting Saturday delivery: “What is […]

USPS Management’s Grievance Strategy Defer and Delay

This has been an extremely busy year, as we respond to the postal policies and decisions triggered by the recent decline in mail volume. Despite a modest improvement in the economy, advertising mail has not yet rebounded. Coupled with the diversion to electronic messages, the recession has reduced mail volume to 1994 levels. The geniuses […]

PRC to Review Postal Service Exigent Rate Adjustment

Washington, DC – The Postal Regulatory Commission today received proposed rate changes for market dominant products, averaging about 5.6 percent, filed by the Postal Service to take effect on January 2, 2011. This is the first time the Postal Service has claimed that extraordinary or exceptional circumstances justify an increase that exceeds the cost of […]

PO Boxes offer revenue opportunities

Talkin’ about the box: PO Boxes offer revenue opportunities Cutting workhours, budgets and programs are important steps in helping the Postal Service overcome its economic challenges. But revenue generation — and more of it — is an equally important factor as USPS moves toward a more secure financial future. That’s why increasing PO Box revenue […]