Video: Cape Coral man tracks down owner of misdelivered Christmas card

CAPE CORAL, Fla. – A stranger’s kindness shows that the season of giving isn’t over.

After receiving a Christmas card in the mail with a $200 check inside, the man turned to Facebook to find the rightful owner.

Alexandra Konikow, the intended card recipient, said her grandfather likely mailed her annual card to a former address. She said she can’t remember as she’s still dealing with the effects of a traumatic event.

“I have a traumatic brain injury,” said Konikow. “One of the problems is memory loss.”

Just over two years ago, Konikow was in a car crash that nearly killed her.

“I was in a coma for three and a half weeks,” she said.

After a lot of physical therapy, she has her life back. One thing she looks forward to every year is a Christmas card from her grandfather.

“I don’t think much of the gift, I just love my — I call him Grampy,” said Konikow.

But this year, a card never came. NBC 2 Florida

PEN Note to All Carriers – It is your responsibility to accept any USPS delivered mail that a customer attempts to return to you – the mail piece is annotated by you, the carrier, with either REFUSED, ATTEMPTED NOT KNOWN, or other applicable identifier.

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