Video: 911 calls released after naked Dublin postal worker allegedly kills boss, coworker

DUBLIN, OH (WCMH) – We’re learning more about what happened on Saturday after police say a Dublin Post Office employee killed one of his supervisors and the postmaster.

Post office employees who heard or saw the shooting called 911. Many of them were hiding from the gunman, who police said is 24-year-old Deshaune Stewart. Stewart is in custody.

“I just happened to turn and look and one of our carriers came in and he looked, he looked naked,” said a 911 caller, who identifies himself as a post office employee. “He shot our supervisor in the shoulder and as soon as I seen that, we all scattered. I got out of there.”

Police say Stewart shot and killed 52-year-old supervisor Lance Herrera-Dempsey at the post office.

Then, investigators said Stewart waited for and attacked 53-year-old Ginger Ballard outside of her apartment complex, about three hours later. More at WCMH TV Columbus


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