Utah Post Office employee claims delivery delays due to USPS misconduct

HERRIMAN, Utah — A Postal Service employee claims a Utah Post Office is faking package deliveries and falling short on mail distribution, and they say it’s because of understaffing during the holidays.

It’s the thick of holiday season deliveries, as postal workers rushed from house to house in Herriman on Friday carrying packages to doorsteps.

“We really are doing the best we can,” said a person who said they work at the Riverton Post Office.

But, they don’t always finish their deliveries, and the employee said what’s happening at that specific Post Office has become a problem.

“The entire Post Office is struggling this time of year, everybody struggles,” the person said, of the USPS in general. “But, the other stuff that goes on there—it’s all a Herriman and Riverton issue.”

That ‘other stuff,’ the employee indicated includes purposely scanning packages as delivered when they’re not. Read more at Fox 13 Salt Lake City

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