Postal employees putting in extra hours to deliver mail on time

UPPER ARLINGTON, Ohio – The Postal Service says you might be seeing delays in mail arrival because they are bombarded with packages.

It’s projecting a 10 percent increase in package volume this holiday season, compared to last year.

That means mail carriers are working extra hours to deliver, and the mail might get there later than usual.

Mail carrier Ed Ralston really loves his job.

He says he doesn’t mind working the long hours because it’s his busiest time of the year.

“It’s just been crazy. I mean 12 hour days. I usually get here about 6:30 in the morning, we run some of the larger parcels, so we’ll do, I do maybe 40, 50 parcels during the morning,” Ed Ralston said.

Ralston says he could make two or three trips back to the Upper Arlington post office to pick up some of the 5,000 packages it gets every day.

“There’s so many that they have to process, that they have to end up giving us a cut off time so we can get out and start carrying at least some of our mail,” Ralston said. More at 10 TV

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