Post office investigates distressing delivery to Lansing home

ANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – A U.S. postal worker was caught on camera after literally throwing a package on the front porch of a Lansing home.

Vince Vincent has lived in his home that’s just south of Lansing’s downtown for nearly 6 years.

He says in the entire time he’s lived there, he’s never seen a mail carrier act so careless with packages until now.

“I was just shocked; I was like…is this happening in other places?” My girlfriend was waiting on a package and she was standing right here waiting for it and the mail man came up and just threw it like underhand like a softball,” Vincent stated. Read more at WLNS

2 Responses to "Post office investigates distressing delivery to Lansing home"

  1. david broderick   December 8, 2017 at 2:59 pm

    what is the make of the postal vehicle

    Hi David – I do not know. Rick @ PEN

  2. Tami   December 11, 2017 at 8:32 am

    I am curious about how the public thinks all the millions of packages are sorted and divided between the thousands of routes by clerks? I am in no way excusing this carrier’s actions, but someone being “shocked” by this “carelessness” makes me want to educate the public a little bit. An average post office might have 20-60 routes that packages need to be sorted into. If every single package was hand delivered & placed into each individual hamper for each route there would be no Amazon Prime 2 day delivery. No they save time by clerks tossing the packages into the hampers for each route. Companies must account for a little tossing in their packaging when items go through the shipping department. What this carrier did was a lot less than what each shipped package must go through to end up in their carrier’s hands each day. It’s reality folks. It didn’t look like he threw it out of anger or like he couldn’t care less, but if he saw the customer he should have handed it to them, but why must he climb those stairs if they are “waiting on it”. He probably has hundreds of stops to make still. Why not cut him some slack?
    This is not , in anyway, the opinion of the USPS or their employees. Just my humble opinion in hopes of encouraging people to lighten up on their expectations of each other.

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