North Carolina: Report brings new wave of postal service complaints

Turns out, it’s not just north Raleigh.

After our I-Team report on spotty mail service in a handful of North Raleigh neighborhoods, our emails and social media posts have been coming in droves. More than 200 people wrote the I-Team with similar stories of slow mail service and, in many cases, occasionally no mail service.

“I can go days without anything,” wrote one person in Raleigh, “Something just isn’t right.”

“I never did receive my W2 from primary employer,” blasted another.

“I have dings on my credit because I had not received bills,” complained a third.

Many of the complaints came with an addendum related to some level of inattention or outright dismissal by postal officials. Others made the claim that there was nothing “new” about these complaints. One person in Cary who claimed to have spotty service wrote “This is not a seasonal issue.” More at WTVD TV Raleigh-Durham

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