Atlanta postmaster replaced amid late mail delivery complaints

ATLANTA (CBS46) – We’re learning some things have changed at the post office, while others remain the same.

You may remember, when CBS46 first started investigating why mail delivery seems to always be behind schedule in Metro Atlanta, we tried tracking down Atlanta postmaster, Omar Coleman, at his office.

Instead of answering our questions, he hid behind his staff and avoided our cameras. Now he’s being replaced.

Effective immediately, Ashlea Meyer is the new person in charge here.

She’s supposed to be fixing the problems that people in Atlanta say are just as bad now as ever before.

Clifton Bell represents the US postal inspectors, the department that a USPS spokesperson says is supposed to be looking into the problem.

“One thing we’ve heard,” explained Bell, “is that it’s a staffing issue, where a lot of our carriers are having to work overtime.” WGCL TV Atlanta

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