Atlanta area mail carriers worry late deliveries will not get better before Christmas

ATLANTA (CBS46) – Ever since we started investigating the issue of late mail delivery throughout Metro Atlanta, CBS46 has received a flood of e-mails and phone calls from people in every corner of the viewing area, who want to talk about a personal experience that matches up with what we’ve been reporting.

We’re also getting calls from mail carriers who want to give us inside information that post office management won’t tell us.

Monday, a postal inspection service spokesperson was unable to give us any details about why post offices are understaffed.

Employees are told by management not to speak with the media. That’s why the few who are brave enough to come forward have to speak under anonymity.

“We’re hitting that critical mass point. We’re barely handling what we’ve got.”

A mail carrier explained for us, Tuesday, his opinion that a few big issues are to blame for widespread late deliveries.

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