Video: 2nd explosive device mailed to Bay Area home

ALAMEDA, Calif. (KGO) — The U.S. Postal Inspector confirms they are investigating two cases where packages exploded at Bay Area homes after being delivered in the mail.

The first incident occurred in Alameda Sunday. A second case was confirmed in Palo Alto Monday evening.

“He fidgeted with it a little bit and when he did so, he held it at a distance and that’s when it really exploded,” said Veronica Maldonado, whose father, Ricardo suffered injuries when a suspicious package exploded on Oct. 19.

It arrived a few days earlier and Ricardo opened it in the backyard. Maldonado says the box was a foot long. “Luckily it exploded in the opposite direction from where he was standing so he wasn’t hurt very much, other than his hand a little bit — the one that was holding the box.”

The victims in East Palo Alto told ABC7 News they don’t know why their family was targeted, but the package was labeled as if it came from a local jewelry store. ABC News SF

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