U.S. Postal Inspectors investigate mail theft in Van Alstyne, TX

VAN ALSTYNE, Tex. (KXII) — Van Alstyne resident Ritchie Rodgers mailed in his nearly $700 check to pay for his truck on November first, but six days later, he saw a check was cashed in with the same check number he used for his truck payment.

“I found out that the check I had wrote for my truck payment which was $685 had been washed and used at the Athens Walmart,” said Rodgers.

Athens, Texas is two hours away. Rodgers immediately notified the Van Alstyne post office telling him someone broke this lock and stole mail from the mailbox where he dropped off his check.

“The post office did not do what they needed to do to inform the public,” said Rodgers. “(Or) Inform the police department or inform the postal inspectors to let the people of Van Alstyne know hey we’ve had this breach.”

Since then, Rodger’s bank has reimbursed the money and the lock on the mailbox has been replaced. KXII

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