Security camera catches Florissant, MO USPS carrier throwing packages onto front porch

FLORISSANT, Mo. ( – Home security footage caught a U.S. Postal Service carrier throwing a package onto a front porch in Florissant on Thursday afternoon.

The video was posted to social media from a person who lives on North Pointe Lane. The video shows the carrier throwing the package, then the parcel hits a bench on the front porch, rolls to the ground and the carrier continues to walk back to his truck.

When News 4 showed the video to neighbors on the same street, they were discouraged and frustrated.

“I would hate for them to do that to my stuff, what if you have something fragile….even if there’s not something fragile, show a little care for people’s packages,” said Mike Przyzycki. KMOV St. Louis

2 Responses to "Security camera catches Florissant, MO USPS carrier throwing packages onto front porch"

  1. Jeff   November 5, 2017 at 9:29 am

    Suppose anyone actually uses these security cameras for actual security ? Most just seem to use them for their two minutes of fame.

  2. egark   November 5, 2017 at 1:06 pm

    You would hate for that to happen to your stuff? Well, I have a surprise for you: that happens to your stuff EVERY DAY. What that carrier did is small potatoes compared to how your packages get handled INSIDE the post office buildings where the public can’t see it. The post office says they will talk to the carriers about these incidents, but they don’t, because they know the carriers will claim disparate treatment since the inside workers do far worse to save time. The post office isn’t the least bit interested in better treatment of your packages if it means taking more time.

    Well said buddy. Hope retirement is treating well. Rick @ PEN

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