Harahan, LA residents fed up after mail found abandoned in the street

Neither snow nor rain is supposed to keep the postal service away, but residents in Harahan say the only thing they’ve come to count on is their mail not getting delivered. What’s more, they claim postal workers are leaving buckets of mail abandoned on their street.

Resident Catherine Plunkett said she’ll go days without seeing a postal worker on her block.

“I’m just wondering what’s going on,” Plunkett said.

She’s not alone. Residents in a Harahan neighborhood say recently they can’t rely on the post office to deliver their letters

“The mail service sucks,” resident Darlene Schwartz said. “It’s horrible. There’s days we’ll go without any mail at all, which there’s no way that happens between magazine subscriptions, bills. You just don’t not get any mail.”

To make matters worse, one resident captured a photo, which shows buckets of mail left behind by a postal worker. The resident says the photo was taken on Soniat Avenue. WWL TV

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