Video: Texas postal carrier leaves package exposed on back of truck

ALVIN, Texas (KTRK) — An Alvin resident is fuming after a USPS deliveryman left a parcel perched precariously on the back of his pickup truck instead of delivering it to his doorstep.

Patrick D. Aldridge posted surveillance video on Facebook showing the postal worker dropping off a box.

The postal worker can be seen getting out of his truck and walking up to Aldridge’s pickup – which is parked right up against the garage and front porch – and leaving the package sitting in plain sight on the rear gate of the truck. ABC 13 Houston

2 Responses to "Video: Texas postal carrier leaves package exposed on back of truck"

  1. Kit   October 18, 2017 at 2:14 pm

    Clearly not a career or regular employee as a he not wearing a postal uniform. This is most likely a “casual” or CCA (formerly PTF) employee. Either way he is lazy and should not be part of the USPS. Unfortunately if an attempt to fire him is made, the NALC will protect him and he will continue to be part of the “cancer” that is present in the USPS. There are many good carriers that take pride in their career, however employees like the one in the video that is poisonous to the USPS represents dollar signs $$$ to the union. If the unions that represent the workers of the United States Postal Service (NALC & APWU) truly want to prevent the privatization of the postal service, they should join in getting rid of the “riff raff” that poisons the entire system. I doubt that will ever happen and I am sure there will be a reply like “it is written in the contract” or “doing the right thing” when it is obvious this hurts the USPS and it’s reputation. The unions will continue to collect dues, protect “riff raff” and use “technicalities” and “interpretation” of the contract. The people they “protect” are the ones that would not survive in the private sector and the positive is they are not collecting unemployment. but in a way, they are, with benefits too

    Well said Kit. Rick @ PEN

  2. Howard   October 19, 2017 at 4:59 am

    This could be a rural carrier or RCA, we don’t wear uniforms. We are not contract, we are USPS employees. We are bombarded every day with more and more parcels, we don’t get paid hourly to do our route, we are paid evaluation. The evaluations for our routes have not been re-figured with the additional parcels we now deliver. USPS says we get 10 seconds to deliver those parcels to the mailbox and 0, none, nil, nada to take them to the door. We are hounded everyday to make the evaluation time (the really outdated one), so some have to cut corners to try to get done on time. There is a time study being done, was started in 2013 supposed to be done in 2015 and has been delayed again and again. It is still not done now in 2017. They have found that the parcel delivery time is way out of wack from what they think it takes. They only planned for parcels to fit in mailboxes, but are finding that customers will not put up the jumbo mailboxes and that the parcels (like 40 lbs of dog food) won’t fit in the mailbox, but no time for going to doors have been added to our evaluations. I agree it make the USPS look bad, but to us rural carriers the USPS looks bad for expecting us to do work they are not willing to pay us for and then have the gall to gripe at us for not making our out of date evaluation time. USPS headquarters — wake up — give us adequate time and pay to deliver those parcels and get off our backs about the time it takes to do our job properly, or we ALL lose.

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