Video: Mail delivery stops for Northglenn, CO street after residents of one house cause problem

NORTHGLENN, Colo. — 10/11/17 – No mail, no delivery, nothing from the U.S. Postal Service. That’s the reality for a Northglenn neighborhood after an entire street was cut off from deliveries.

“We just feel stuck,” Brianna Johnston said. “We don’t get mail anymore, delivered to our homes. The entire street doesn’t.”

There are dozens of empty boxes along the Clarkson Street cul-de-sac, but only one house is to blame for the problem.

The USPS says that house is where one of its carriers was threatened multiple times.

One neighbor said she saw the whole thing.

“They just started threatening her, saying don’t ever show up here again, we’ll kill you, and called her the ‘c’ word, the ‘b’ word, threw f- bombs,” resident Kelly Bott said. Read more at Fox 31 Denver

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