Watch: Las Vegas Lady Liberty Part of Lawsuit With Postal Service

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – 8/10/17 – Is the Statue of Liberty replica in Las Vegas “sexier” than the Statue of Liberty in New York City? An embarrassing mishap involving the United States Postal Service and the Statue of Liberty is heading to federal court.

Back in 2011, the USPS meant to use the actual statue on its forever stamp but instead accidentally used the Las Vegas replica.

The employee overseeing the creation of the stamp reportedly selected a Getty image of Lady Liberty in front of the New York-New York hotel-casino by mistake and printed four billion copies. The case is headed to trial in the United States Court of Federal Claims in September, where a judge will determine if the government will have to pay for that mistake.

Robert Davidson, the artist of the Las Vegas replica, took the postal service to court and filed a copyright lawsuit with the claim that his version was used without permission. He said that his version of the Statue of Liberty is more “sultry” and “sexier than the original.” Read more

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