Video: USPS on high alert as couple attempts to buy fraudulent money orders

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – The United States Postal Service is on high alert for potential scammers after a local couple tried to buy money orders with stolen credit cards.

The U.S. Postal Inspector for the Nashville area has sent out an alert to be on the look-out for a man and woman going around the post offices trying to buy money orders– but not with their own money.

“Typically they use a stolen credit card, debit card or other information you can obtain on the dark web and they will go in and try to make a fraudulent purchase with these credit card numbers, well the post office sees a lot of people coming and going, so the scammers in this case saw what they thought was an easy target,” said Murfreesboro police spokesman Sgt. Kyle Evans. Read more at WKRN

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