Video: Suit dismissed against Dayton cop who slammed cruiser into postal van

8/2/17 – A judge on July 25 dismissed the lawsuit against the city of Dayton and a police officer who rear-ended a U.S. Postal Service van in 2015.

The suit, brought by postal service driver Benjamin Jones of Spring Valley, alleged Jones suffered permanent injury and medical expenses.

But Montgomery County Common Pleas Magistrate Kristi McCartney wrote in a July 6 decision that Officer Randy Betsinger was on an emergency call at the time of the crash and did not operate his vehicle in a willful and wanton or reckless manner. WHIO TV

PEN Editor: Our opinion? the policeman is totally at fault which means the City of Dayton should be at fault. In our state if you ram someone’s vehicle from the rear you are automatically at fault. If the USPS employee had rear-ended the police officer in whose favor do think the judge would have ruled?

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  1. Ben Jones   August 3, 2017 at 1:44 pm

    I am the employee that was struck by the cop…there are a lot of details they are not saying on this, like the amount of time he took to fill out his statement, the “emergency” call he was going to was to back another officer at a non emergency call, I was never told he was in pursuit of anybody. This was the same officer who had a crash that was his fault about a week before mine and he also was the “direct eye contact” officer, give that a look on YouTube. Many more details make this case even more messed up and should have went my way but obviously Dayton wanted to side with the Police department instead of a mail carrier.

    Ben – so sorry for the accident and the STUPID ruling by this judge. The police cam speaks volumes – there is NO WAY the police dept. and city should get out of this. Rick – PEN

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