Video: Grandfather angry after post office delivers $600 of baby gifts to wrong house

MIDWEST CITY, Okla. – A mail mix-up had a new grandfather distraught, worried hundreds of dollars worth of baby clothes were nearly lost.

Jamey Weatherspoon’s daughter in Midwest City was expecting her first son and his first grandchild this month.

“For me to have a grandson for the very first time,” he said. “I’m just excited.”

Weatherspoon is a trucker and lives his life on the road. With his children out of reach, he wanted to make his daughter’s first experience as a mother as special as possible.

“I wanted to get her something nice, something she wouldn’t be embarrassed to put on her child,” he said. “Something she could say her dad got for her.”

So through his travels, he would stop when he could and buy baby clothes, amassing $600 worth of baby things for the new mother. Read full story at KFOR

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