Video: Excessive heat in Florida post office frustrates workers, customers

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Air conditioning problems at a post office on Sunbeam Road in Mandarin have customers and federal employees heated.

A clerk, who asked not to be identified, told First Coast News the facility’s air conditioning has been out for two months and they recently learned repairs would take an additional eight weeks.

“It’s murder, its insufferable. I don’t see how anyone can stay in there for any length of time,” said Pamela Wodu as she exited the building. “It’s a 108 heat index and inside with no air conditioning and no windows, everybody is fanning, I don’t see how public workers or anyone can stand that all day.” Read more from First Coast News

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  1. Lori Evans   September 1, 2017 at 8:40 pm

    In california at moreno valley pdc, we are on 2 weeks now without a/c, this happens everybtime the weather gets over 100. HELLO people. we live in a DESERT!!!! we complain about the workroom floor having no a/c while maintenance offices and the administration offices have so much a/c they have to wear sweaters. I find this unacceptable treatment. In addition we have one FSS with no automatic dumper due to mechanical defects going on 3 months now. there has already been one injury on that machine due to manually loading a machine that’s not designed for that. OSHA is no help. they cannot make the USPS enforce their own rules.

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