Mail Handlers President Addresses Delegates of the NRLCA Convention

President Hogrogian was honored to address the attendees of the National Rural Letter Carriers Association National Convention.  He spoke passionately about putting forth a united front when stating, “We must show the Postal Service and Congress that all postal workers are united in our struggle for fair and just wages, benefits and working conditions for all of our members.  We must stand together to ensure that the Postal Service remains a strong and vibrant entity going into the future.”

Paul went on to highlight common efforts on a variety of important issues including: fighting the ill-advised closing and consolidation of mail processing facilities throughout the country; fighting to restore service standards to their July 2012 levels; fighting to prevent the privatization of postal services; fighting to maintain 6-day and door-to-door delivery; and fighting to reject all efforts to diminish our service.

Hogrogian noted that the four Unions have been working closely together with senior postal management and some major mailers to enact meaningful postal reform legislation that is fair for postal workers, fair for the Postal Service and fair for the American people.  President Hogrogian pledged that the NPMHU will continue to work with the NRLCA and all postal Unions on these issues into the future.

Finally, President Hogrogian spoke about the importance of investing in our battles on Capitol Hill. Hogrogian said, “We must continue to work together to ensure that worker-friendly, Union-friendly candidates are elected to Congress. We must elect people who think like us.  They don’t have to be Democrats, they don’t have to be Republicans and they don’t have to be Independents, but they do have to think like us and have the best interests of the American workforce, especially those in the federal and postal sectors, at the top of their agendas.”

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  1. Ray   August 27, 2017 at 11:30 am

    The NRLCA needs to disband and be absorbed into the NALC as there is no reason to have two letter carrier unions and it is controlled by management and brings down the other unions and is the reason why the APWU lost in interest arbitration on fair wage increases and the giveback on the employee contribution to HB,Just go away fake union NRLCA!

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