Video: The First Air Mail Flight from the roof of the Post Office in Philadelphia to Camden NJ

This short film was made possible from some Film archives from my Grandfather. He was present during one of the flights and filmed the flight that day. The first air mail flight from Philadelphia to Camden NJ. The plane was an Kellett KD-1B Auto Gyro. The film starts out with a DC-3 airplane landing and taxiing up to the Auto-gyro to deliver the mail.

It was used to ferry mail from the two points, 10 times a day, for 6 days a week and ended just as World War II had started. In 2007 I had transferred a number of 16mm films to DVD and found this marvelous footage as well as others. I tracked down the pilot by way of the tail number and reached Mr. Miller by phone in 2007. He was 100 years old at the time I believe and still flying.

A phone call and a couple of emails later, I sent him a copy of the footage you see here. It was great to get a chance to talk to him about the event and his flight.

A great website with information and additional photos of Capt. John Miller can be see here at…

An additional site with information about the Captain can be found here:…

The footage came from these 16mm films my Grand Father had shot. He did the editing and title work back then. Some of his other footage includes the 1939 NY Worlds Fair and some other Famous landmarks in the US.

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