Video: Richmond postal workers walk off job after working without AC

RICHMOND, Va. — On a day when the heat index soared past 100 degrees, several mail carriers at the Westhampton Station Post Office in Richmond walked off the job.

“Some of us felt like we were going to faint,” one employee who asked to remain anonymous said. “We took a stand and we left because it’s too hot to be able to case up mail and there is no circulation inside the station.”

The employee said part of the post office where the employees sort the mail has no air conditioning, and when he showed up to work Thursday the thermostat read 90 degrees inside. Read more at WTVR

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  1. john   July 15, 2017 at 6:09 pm

    Good for them! Because some clown a hundred years ago made up some ridiculous motto everybody (well not everybody…most of our customers are wonderful) thinks they can treat postal workers like trash. We drive vehicles that seemed like they are purposely designed not to function in the snow, into ice storms, deliver mail in hurricanes and floods, and our supervisors give themselves administrative leave during these conditions but mail carriers have to work. Why? Because the supervisors say they are “non essential personnel” and it would be better for the public if they stay off the roads.
    Craft employees in the post office epitomize the hard working middle class. Postal supervisors are precisely were the stereo typical government employee cliche comes from.

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