Video: Mail theft leaves Tucson business owner “frustrated”

Mail thieves are on the prowl, targeting the Butterfield Business Park.

Paul Hoffman, owner of AIS Industries, said he’s been victimized twice over the past couple weeks.

“It’s just really frustrating as a business owner of almost 30 years,” Hoffman said.

Hoffman has filed two reports with the Pima County Sheriff’s Department.

He’s currently on his second mailbox since thieves left the first one mangled and destroyed.

“We’re going through the agonizing to go and call everyone and say did you send us a bill, did you send us a credit card, did you send a check,” Hoffman said.

Dan Grossenbach, a postal service inspector based out of Tucson, noted 17.6 million people nationwide report instance of mail theft every year. KVOA Tucson

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