Video: Mail Found Thrown Away In Dumpster In New Rochelle, NY

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Some pieces of mail in New Rochelle never found their way to their destination, ending up instead in a dumpster.

As CBS2’s Jessica Borg reported, a regular and unassuming dumpster stands in the loading dock area of the New Rochelle Post Office. But images taken of its interior speak volumes.

A concerned citizen snapped the pictures showing hundreds of pieces of illegally discarded mail. One was a letter from a college to a resident on Sickles Avenue, while another was addressed to Nilda Del Valle Heller and her husband.

So, why aren’t carriers delivering the mail? There is one main theory, according to local publisher Robert Cox.

“They’re under tremendous pressure to complete the route and return back to the post office within a certain time period and if they can’t do that by delivery of the mail, they have other ways to do it, like not delivering the mail.” Read more at CBS NY

2 Responses to "Video: Mail Found Thrown Away In Dumpster In New Rochelle, NY"

  1. Jeff   July 26, 2017 at 4:56 pm

    Hows that cca fiasco working for ya postal mgmt. ? Of course as usual, none of them will be held accountable for the millions it’s costing the usps.

  2. John   October 1, 2017 at 8:46 am

    What is going on with the Post Office? It seems from just seeing the actual letter carriers that there really isn’t much of a standard on hiring like there used to be. I know first hand that there used to be an actual written test that tested for numerous things such as memorization. Another thing is that the new employees are on probation for longer time periods. There is pressure for the letter carriers to finish their routes as fast as possible. Since, there isn’t proper training it is hard for new employees to know their way around to finish the simplest tasks.

    I really hope The Post Office can implement procedures and guidelines to help their employees. Otherwise I see privatization in the future…

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