Video: Hidden cameras show convicted USPS postal workers dealing marijuana, counting cash in DC

WASHINGTON – Three U.S. Postal Service workers are facing stiff prison sentences after they were convicted last week (see PEN article).

Deenvaughn Rowe, Alicia Norman and Kendra Brantley thought they had pulled one over on the U.S. Postal Service. For months, they had moved hundreds of pounds of marijuana through a Northwest D.C. post office without getting caught. That was until investigators installed some sneaky cameras in their trucks.

In one video, Brantley, who is in the back of her postal truck, is about to hand off boxes of marijuana to a man on the street.

“Same person from yesterday it looks like. Black beanie, black jacket with a green vest over it – passed off first box,” said one of the investigators in the video.

Brantley would hand over five more boxes before meeting the man in front of her truck where he hands over the cash. This happened on May 19, 2016 – a couple of months after detectives had caught onto the scheme. Read more at Fox 5 DC

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