Video: Fort Mill, SC family fed up with postal service

FORT MILL, SC (WBTV) – A Fort Mill family is fed up with their local post office after nearly a year of what they say has been bad service.

It started in September when Jessica Howard’s parents moved out of her home.

“They changed their forwarding address, and they have a different last name,” Howard said. “Then all of a sudden my mail, with my full name, started going to them in Florida, where they moved.”

The Howards say they continuously receive mail that should go to other families. One time they received mail from a family that lives in Pageland, more than 40 miles away from them.

David Howard returned mail to the post office that was not theirs and it came back to their house the next day. He said he returned it a total of four times and it came back again and again.

The Howards say they often receive bent or damaged packages. They wrote their names inside their mailbox in hopes that it would help the mail carrier be more accurate, but they say nothing has helped.

The family went on Facebook and found out dozens of other people were having similar issues. Read more at WMBF News

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  1. Jeff   August 1, 2017 at 6:37 am

    How’s that cca program working for ya postal mgmt. ? Driven enough customers away yet ?

    We are witness to the destruction of the world’s greatest postal system at the hands of it’s own mgmt.

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