Video: Charlotte neighbors say mail problems even more widespread

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – 7/18/17 – Channel 9 reported last week about people in one Charlotte neighborhood getting mail late or not at all, including bills and medicines.

The United States Postal Service didn’t deny problems in that neighborhood, Winding Creek in northeast Charlotte.

Officials said it’s reworking staff and routes.

After that report aired, viewers posted hundreds of comments on Action 9 investigator Jason Stoogenke’s Facebook page.

Post office insiders commented as well, saying there’s a problem.

“We don’t get our mail at all, or we get it severely late,” one post read.

“This has cost us money in fees or missed deadlines,” another post read.

“I’m not receiving documents,” resident Ron Bradley told Stoogenke. “I’m receiving them a month late.”

He works from home so the mail issues impact his job, too, costing him time and money.

“It’s extra added stress that I don’t need,” he said. “It puts me behind the eight ball.”

Some postal workers agree.

One man said he worked there for 40 years and said, “It is not a pretty picture.” WSOC TV Charlotte

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