Rumor Of Early Outs For Postal Supervisors and Managers Is Fake News

7/21/17 – There have been rumors stating that USPS will offer early retirement soon for postal supervisors and managers The National Association of Postal Supervisors (NAPS) tells us this is just fake news. Their statement follows:

NAPS HQ has been receiving calls and emails concerning an article that is being attributed to the Federal Times titled “Early-Out Offer For USPS Management Likely Coming September 16th.” This article quotes supposed comments made by President Louis Atkins on this issue. NAPS HQ has validated with Immediate Past President Louis Atkins that no such interview has occurred and that he has not made any statement to the effect that is being attributed to his name in this article. NAPS HQ is reiterating that NAPS has not received any correspondence that an early out event will occur.

NAPS views the correspondence that is being attributed to the Federal Times as fake news.

The image below can be found at NAPS (PDF)

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