Video: ‘Voice Stamps’ – Is The End Of Postage Stamps Coming Soon?

This is how Voice Stamp — a upcoming new feature of the Smart Blue Box from the U.S. Postal Service — will get rid of the antiquated stamp and made postage paperless. A completely new way to mail letters and packages – sans stamps.

USPS and MRM//McCANN designed and created a new device to potentially fit in the near future on any of the 150,000+ existing collection boxes, transforming them into Smart Blue Boxes—entry points into the USPS system. Built around AI and self-sufficient with solar panels, they will talk, listen, weigh, and transact. Soon every postal collection box on a street corner can be voice-activated to weigh packages, calculate postage, and send mail without stamps — you just have to say so.

Linns – 6/9/17 – The United States Postal Service is hinting about doing away with stamps.

At least that’s the suggestion being made on a YouTube video that touts a proposed experimental postal project that would place a small electronic box on the top of those familiar blue mail collection boxes.

Officials acknowledged that the Postal Service is planning to test the “Smart Blue Box” concept, created by MRM/McCann, a New York advertising agency, but offered no details about when and where the project might begin. Read more

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