Video: USPS contractor pleads guilty to stealing packages containing medications for VA patients

(WJHL) – 6/21/17 – A United States Postal Service contractor pleaded guilty Wednesday in federal court to stealing mail, specifically 33 packages containing narcotics that were meant for Veterans Affairs patients.

Bronson Cobble signed a plea agreement last week admitting to a scheme where he stole VA packages and took the medication inside them. WJHL

Previous news from WCYB relating to this article is below:

6/13/17 – A federal judge unsealed a case Tuesday involving a former Greene County postal worker who has admitted to stealing dozens of packages of medication intended for veterans along selected routes.

Court documents obtained by News 5 show Bronson A. Cobble was brought before a magistrate judge in April and was charged with one count of theft of United States mail.

Data released Tuesday said between August 2016 and March, Cobble stole 33 packages of narcotics addressed to patients of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and then used the medication. Cobble was working for a contracted mail service called Davenport Transportation of Knoxville at the time of the investigation.

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