Video: No Mail Deliveries in Indian Hills, TX

INDIAN HILLS – 6/15/17 – A Hidalgo County woman said she and her neighbors haven’t been receiving their mail deliveries for three weeks.

Indian Hills resident Susana Beraza said her mail box is connected to her heart. Her husband is serving time in state prison and she writes to him every week.

Beraza told CHANNEL 5 NEWS getting his letters is the bright point of her week. But when those letters stopped coming, she panicked.

Beraza said she called the post office to find out why she wasn’t receiving any mail. She said they blamed her road for the issue.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS spoke to other residents on Beraza’s street. They said mail trucks drive by but do not stop to deliver mail. More

One Response to "Video: No Mail Deliveries in Indian Hills, TX"

  1. Beraza fam. Wslco   June 18, 2017 at 6:10 pm

    This is so unfair to know you have to wait for others to get their act together..we understand since we too have a brother in detention. When we get letters delivered from him it makes all the difference & makes mom real happy! We too would be upset if we were not able to receive mail in a timely manner. Hope you get the mail department and the ones responsible for road maintenance to work together for the good of the tax payers in your area. Keep on getting g the message out there!!

    Best wishes!!

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