Video: Mailboxes blown up in Spartanburg County, SC

SPARTANBURG COUNTY, SC (WSPA) – Reports of exploding mailboxes have the attention of local and federal authorities. The incidents happened in Spartanburg County over the weekend, according to reports from the sheriff’s office.

“It was scary because it was really loud and it shook the house,” recalled Kimberly Blackwood. She said the sound jolted her family a little after midnight last Saturday and they called 9-1-1.

“We heard a really loud explosion,” she said. “Were looking out the window and saw the smoke start to billow across the tree line into our yard.”

A man reported saying he heard an explosion last Friday night and noticed mailboxes in pieces the next morning. He called deputies on Monday, but due to “low manpower” on the road and high call volume, there were no deputies available to send out to investigate. Read more

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