Video: Mail and identity theft on the rise

In the digital era with so much focus on electronic security breaches, some identity thieves are taking it to the streets (or words to this effect).

According to a US Postal Service official, mail theft is on the rise, with the objective of getting access to financial information to exploit for personal gain.

The most extreme example locally was an armed robbery of a postal carrier in Rancho Cordova.

Juan Carlos Maldonado, 22, pleaded guilty in federal court. The case was part of a bank fraud scheme involving several people. They stole about 800 pieces of mail, which they culled for personal information they could use to gain access to bank accounts, credit cards and other personal information.

Maldonado, who is set to be sentenced Sept. 12, faces prison time and fines on charges including bank fraud, identity theft and robbery. The bank fraud charge carries the lengthiest potential sentence of up to 30 years and a fine as much as $1 million. Read more from ABC 10

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