Video: Jacksonville neighbors say postal carrier tossed package

Neighbors in a Jacksonville subdivision are angry after surveillance video showed a mail carrier throwing a package on a neighbor’s walk way.

“She walked up to right where the path starts and plopped the box down,” neighbor Chris Meick said.

Medick and his family posted the video to Facebook over the weekend and other neighbors said they have had similar problems.

“We were flabbergasted and taken aback by the number of people who responded saying this had happened to (them),” Medick said.

Another neighbor, Angela Agarwal, said she found her packages at the end of her driveway.

“My husband actually has just read it on Facebook and was showing me video of someone else’s package that got tossed, and here we pull up by our driveway and ours is down by our street,” Agarwal said. Read more

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