Video: Iowa Postal Employee Killed in Marshalltown Crash Identified

MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa — The Iowa State Patrol has identified the USPS worker who was killed as 34 year old Amy Sanders of Grinnel, IA. The crash report says Sanders was driving in her postal vehicle westbound on Church street and continued through a yellow light. The second vehicle driving South on Center Street, a Grand Caravan, driven by 60 year old Debra Meister of Waterloo drove through a red light and collided into Sanders, who died of her injuries. The crash remains under investigation. WHO TV

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  1. Jim McCormick   June 12, 2017 at 7:26 pm

    I was very “saddened” to hear about the “un-timely” death of Amy Sanders while doing her “postal route” last Friday. Speaking as a “retired” USPS rural carrier who drove an LLV for approx 15 yrs., I am not a bit surprised that injuries sustained from a “side impact” could prove to be fatal.. As far as I am concearned the USPS LLV is one of the most “Unsafe vehicles” on todays roadways!! Why do I feel this way…..Well lets take a “close examination” of the vehicle.. As one sits in the driver’s seat of this right hand drive vehicle there is Nothing but approx. and inch or two of “steel sliding door” that separates the driver from the outside enviroment. Side air bags? Nope! Paddded door or padded armrest to “lessen the impact” Nope!! Perhaps a Padded interior roof line? Nope! A Padded Dash or “blunt knobs” on the dash board? Nope…None of the above!!! The only two driver safety features that I re call are the “safety harness with lap belt” and the “Hi backed” bucket seat (to prevent whip lash)….Other than that it’s basically a “Hollowed out tin can” with an engine and wheels…. I wish Ralph Nader were with us today to give “testament” on all the “unsafe” aspects of the USPS LLV… His book “UNSAFE AT ANY SPEED” (that was written about the chevrolet Corvair) would probably give us an “accurate depiction” of just how unsafe the LLV’s are.. It surpises me that the USPS , an organization that Prides itself on making SAFETY one of their primary concearns, can continue to send their carriers out on their daily duties with such an unsafe vehicle.. It’s unfortunate that it takes a human “fatality” to “bring focus” on just how “unsafe” these vehicles really are!!!

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