Video: Colorado postman’s 60-year tenure on a long rural route filled with wonder

SOMERSET — Emory Townsend pulls his Kia Sorento off Colorado 133 near a mailbox and fills it with letters and packages, just as he has twice a week for the last 60 years. He turns his gaze toward the Raggeds Wilderness, its serrated ridges furrowing into lush benches of aspen and spruce.

It was about 25 years ago when Townsend returned home from his mail route and announced to his wife, Beebe, that Ragged Mountain was very likely the oldest in Colorado.

“She kinda looked at me all puzzled like a wife does when she can’t figure ya out and she asked me, ‘What makes you figure that’s oldest mountain in Colorado?’ ” he says, his blue eyes twinkling with a pending punchline. “I said, ‘Well, I was just looking at it today on the mail route and I decided it had more wrinkles than any other mountain in the state.’ ” Read more at the Denver Post

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