Video: Tri-Cities, TN postal employees busted for reportedly delaying, stealing mail

TRI-CITIES, TN (WJHL) – The Tennessee District of the U.S. Postal Service is a hotbed for mail complaints, according to Office of Inspector General records. Federal records show special agents substantiated some of those complaints locally, suspending, firing and prosecuting employees for mistreating, delaying and even stealing mail.

Our review of OIG records from January 2011 through September 2016 revealed, of almost 70 districts nationwide, USPS’ Tennessee District, which includes the 3-digit Zip Codes 370-374, 376-385 in Tennessee and the 307 Zip Code in Northern Georgia, is home to the fifth most OIG closed investigations during that five-year period.

Of those more than 550 cases, we don’t know how many agents substantiated, but we do know 40% alleged some kind of mail theft, mistreatment or delay.

A spokesperson for the OIG confirms special agents opened a new case, just weeks ago after they identified a postal employee believed to be responsible for reports of mail theft in Kingsport. The case remains under investigation, but the employee no longer works for USPS, according to a spokesperson.

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